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Family Office Connections: Space

Edward Marshall, Managing Director at Boston Private, is joined by three professionals who specialize in the space industry including a family office principal, a commercial space executive and a former astronaut. The discussion includes the dynamics of the commercial space industry, factors driving investment, various subsectors and how family offices are approaching the industry.

Edward Marshall

Boston Private

Frank Buckley Interviews: Colonel Terry Virts

During this podcast, Terry reveals what it’s like to live in a space station, and he discusses the joys and dangers that accompany space flight and exploration. He also provides his perspective as an astronaut on the importance of the Apollo 11 mission.

Frank Buckley


Talking Climate Change with Scott Amyx

Scott is joined by Terry talking climate change

Scott Amyx

Interview on The Conway Show

Tim Conway Jr. interviews Terry Virts, a retired USAF pilot and astronaut

Tim Conway Jr.

Motivation and Innovation

Earlier at the Yidan Summit, which was taking place in HK, Peter Lewis met up with NASA Astronaut Colonel Terry Virts and talked about how the lessons he learned from the space programme could be applied to other walks of life, including setting up and managing your own business.

Peter Lewis

Money Talk Xtra

Terry Virts in the studio


Denis Walter

3AW693 News Talk

On the Eric Metaxas Show

Astronaut Terry Virts, commander of the International Space Station, explains how he got his incredible shots of Earth in his new book.

Eric Metaxas

The Eric Metaxas Show

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