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Apo11o:To the Moon & Back
Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 flight plan

'Apo11o: To the Moon and Back' is a limited edition reproduction of the original Apollo 11 Flight Plan; the document that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins, and the entire mission control team in Houston used to plan and execute our first mission to land on the moon.

How To Astronaut
An Insiders Guide to leaving Planet Earth

A wildly entertaining account of the rules, lessons, procedures, and experiences of space travel, How to Astronaut is a book that will appeal to anyone— male or female, young or old—with even a passing interest in space. Written by Col. Terry Virts, a former astronaut, space shuttle pilot, and International Space Station commander who spent 200 consecutive days in space, it answers all of our curious questions and much more.

A born storyteller, Virts reveals the often-untold side of space travel in 51 short chapters filled with a mix of you-are-there detail, a dose of science made simple, and the inherent drama of describing something few will ever know first-hand


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“Virts’ firsthand accounts are richly detailed and often snort-milk-out-of-your-nose hilarious.”

October issue of Discover magazine

Publishers Weekly

View From Above
Unique 'Autographed by the Author' Hardcover Edition

Terry Virts, NASA astronaut and distinguished space photographer who spent more than seven months off the planet, presents the infinite wonder of his astonishing aerial images of Earth, along with captivating tales of life at the edge of the atmosphere.

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