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Space photography, science fiction and growing up in Columbia

Terry Virts may be retired from NASA, but the son of Columbia hasn't stopped sharing his passion for space travel. During more than 200 days living aboard the International Space Station, Virts and other astronauts shot footage for the 2016 IMAX movie "A Beautiful Planet." Meanwhile, Virts was taking thousands of aerial images that would go on to be published in his new photography book, "View From Above," which includes stories of his life in space.

Patti Restivo

Baltimore Sun

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On Perspective, Politics And Our Beautiful Planet

Astronaut Terry Virts spent over 200 days in space at the International Space Station (ISS) and took more photos of Earth from space than any other astronaut. It's fair to say he knows a thing or two about not sweating the small stuff. Because, as his pictures show, we are the small stuff.

Aimie Rigas

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'Star Trek' Cameos Help Astronauts Live Out Sci-Fi Dreams

Last (and only) seen serving as an engineer aboard the NX-01 Enterprise in the year 2161, Ensign Virts — though of unknown age — would almost certainly be older than 100 years by the time the events of "Star Trek: Discovery" begin.

Robert Z. Pearlman

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A space corps in the U.S. military a ‘no brainer'

With 28 years of service in the U.S. Air Force and 16 years as a NASA astronaut, Terry Virts understands why the Pentagon has fought back proposals to create an independent military space corps.

Sandra Erwin

Space News

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NASA Could Have People Living on the Moon in 8 Years

For the first time in five decades, the U.S.–along with private-industry and international partners–has committed itself to returning to the moon, and to doing it on a defined timeline. In December 2017, President Trump signed the first of three Space Policy Directives, putting manned lunar exploration back at the top of the NASA agenda.

Jeffrey Kluger


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Astronaut Terry Virts on the Power of Space Photography

Terry Virts knows he’s lucky. The American astronaut recently returned from nearly seven months on the International Space Station, his second trip to space, which ended up lasting longer than expected.

Andrew Katz


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Former astronaut criticizes lunar gateway plans

Appearing on a panel during the meeting at the White House, Terry Virts said that the proposed Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a human-tended facility in orbit around the moon, wasn’t an effective next step in human spaceflight beyond Earth orbit after the International Space Station.

Jeff Foust

Space News

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'Profound potential' of breakthrough space experiments

Former NASA astronaut Terry Virts, who logged 212 days in space and conducted three spacewalks totaling more than 19 hours, said the experiments conducted in a zero-gravity environment, especially medical experiments, have a pretty "profound potential" to help humans on Earth.

Chris Ciaccia

Fox News

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